The Emergency Call Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year

Advanced emergency panic button. Waterproof with a high quality microphone and amplifier that reaches every room in the house.

Only alarm system with a fall detection sensor that recognizes an emergency situation even if the subscriber is unable to call for help

Medical protection at all times. Possibility to consult with a doctor from home.

The Center is manned by caring, dedicated volunteers in coordination with a professional staff of nurses experienced in geriatric medicine and respiratory problems.

The only emergency call center that functions according to Jewish law

Subscribers to the Center are entitled to medical advice via telephone, ambulance services, lifting services, free legal advice, and volunteer visits to the home.

Subscribers are entitled to a discount when purchasing medical devices at the Yasam store.

Volunteers at the Center are in close contact with family members and neighbors to ensure the safety of the subscriber at all times.

Call Center volunteers contact subscribers at their own initiative to provide support and comfort during crises.

Home doctor visits

The panic button and transmitter are available for loan for a small deposit .

Subscribers are entitled to mobile dental care in their homes.

Home delivery of prescription drugs

Consultation for making a home accessible for those with limited mobility

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