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ad Sarah’s home hospital department offers patients the option of recuperating at home, avoiding the discomforts and dangers of long term hospitalization.

In today’s modern world, hospitalization carries health risks of its own. More and more patients are infected with various infections that are proving to be antibiotic-resistant, a situation that is exacerbated by overcrowding in Israeli hospitals.
In response to this reality, Yad Sarah has pioneered a service that offers increasing numbers of recuperating patients the possibility of continuing their recuperation in the safety and comfort of their own homes.
A companion service to the lending of medical and rehabilitative equipment, a service for which Yad Sarah iswell-known, our home hospital department will arrange for the delivery of special equipment to the patient’s home, including specially – fitted hospital beds.

Equipment is available for those individuals being discharged from the hospital but in need of further recuperation at home as well as to those in need of long term care as a result of disability, trauma, accident or serious illness.

The service maintains an office at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem that serves the entire country.

For further information, please call *6444 or e-mail us atinfo@yadsarah.org.il

Additional phone number: 02-644-4525

Sun-Thurs: 8:00-19:00; Fri: 8:00-12:00

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About The Service

Because of the dangers inherent in long-term hospitalization, doctors release patients to home recuperation in greater numbers than ever before. Yad Sarah, responding to this growing need, launched its Home Hospital Department. The department invested thousands of shekels in new equipment that cuts down considerably on the waiting period for this vital service.

The service offers those wishing to continue their recuperation at home or those requiring long-term care the conditions necessary to do so. Some of the essential equipment available from Yad Sarah: hospital beds, hoisting devices for lifting and moving an immobile patient, oxygen tanks and special chairs adapted to the patients needs.

Yad Sarah has provided thousands of hospital beds to these ‘housepitals’ as well as hundreds of hoisting devices and specially fitted chairs. Yad Sarah buys this equipment with funds from private donations.

The Home Hospital Department works in conjunction with the Exhibition and Guidance Centers to offer advice and guidance in choosing the equipment suitable for home hospitalization. The centers are located at 10 Yad Sarah branches throughout the country.

You may be entitled to financial assistance from the Ministry of Health toward the purchase of a hospital bed or other equipment. For the necessary forms, contact the Ministry of Health at *5400 or at www.health.gov.il.