Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message 2017-06-19T23:09:25+00:00

Dear Friends,


Almost 40 years ago, my wife, Michal, and I decided to create a charitable project whereby we would purchase a number of vaporizers and lend them out to families who needed them for a sick child. Operating from our home, we advertised our service by hanging posters around the neighborhood of Ezrat Torah where we lived. Before long everyone knew about our service and where to find us.

Today, the project that became Yad Sarah is known all over the world as an organization that strives to do good work and provide assistance to all those in need. Hundreds of thousands of people benefit from the many services of Yad Sarah and thousands of staff members and volunteers work together to improve the quality of life of so many suffering from functional disabilities and illness.

Over the years, Yad Sarah has grown and developed and the world has changed and advertising its services through neighborhood flyers has become obsolete. The Internet helps us reach a large audience all over the world. Through our website people can come to know Yad Sarah and learn about its many services and projects, as well as the many opportunities available to help.

But, despite the far-reaching technological developments and the endless possibilities to advertise our services, our mission remains the same as it was when we hung those first posters in Ezrat Torah: to help those patients – and their families – recuperating at home from disability, illness, accident or surgery.

“Each one helps the other, saying to one another, “take courage!””


Uri Lupolianski