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Salt Room


In conjunction with its fitness center for people with special needs, Yad Sarah operates a salt room used to treat respiratory conditions such as cold and flu, allergy, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever,

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Equipment Maintenance Workshops


Volunteers with a background in technology carry out the activities in the equipment maintenance workshops, checking and repairing all returned equipment. The equipment also undergoes cleaning and disinfection before its return to the inventory

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Medical Equipment Lending Centers


In centers located throughout the country, Yad Sarah maintains a collection of medical and rehabilitative equipment available to the public in exchange for a nominal, refundable deposit. The equipment is maintained in workshops operating

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Oxygen Services And Special Equipment


In centers located throughout the country, Yad Sarah maintains a collection of medical and rehabilitative equipment that is available to the general public in exchange for a  nominal, refundable deposit. The center offers a full

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Lending Service for the Vision Impaired


Yad Sarah, with its history of helping the public through lending medical rehabilitative equipment, has ventured into a new project to improve quality of life for the vision impaired by lending equipment to assist them

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Keren Malki Equipment Lending Unit


Raising a child with special needs creates unique challenges for any family. In a new initiative to support these families, Yad Sarah, in partnership with Keren Malki, has established a service for the lending of

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Emergency Alarm Response System


The Emergency Alarm Response System at Yad Sarah serves people living alone who may need a place to turn in times of emergency or a sympathetic ear when loneliness overwhelms them. The system allows

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Exhibition and Guidance Centers


The Exhibition and Guidance Centers at Yad Sarah are real-life model homes that display a wide range of equipment and ideas created to help people function independently at home. The equipment allows individuals,

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DA’AT Medical Information Service


DA`AT – Hebrew for knowledge – provides professional and up-to-date advice about medical conditions, as well as providing patients and their families a fuller understanding of the challenges they are facing.

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