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Social Club for Victims of Terror


The Social Club for Victims of Terror is a social framework wherein victims of terror and their families can come together to strengthen themselves and each other in the face of the tragedies

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In Yad Sarah’s unique Adopt-a-Family Program, specially trained volunteers visit families who are caring for seriously ill, disabled or aging family members in their homes and offer a variety of services to ease

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Home Visiting Service


Within the framework of this unique service, Yad Sarah volunteers visit persons every week who are unable to leave their homes because of functional problems. The volunteers come to lift morale and to

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Caregivers Support Center


The Caregivers Support Center, known in Hebrew as Yad L’Tomech, is intended to empower and support a family member who is the sole caretaker for a seriously ill, disabled or aging family member

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Life Stories Project


Yad Sarah volunteers interview Holocaust survivors and housebound seniors who would like to write the stories of their lives as a legacy to future generations, helping them commit their thoughts and memories to

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Home Repair Service


Mobile workshops manned by Yad Sarah volunteers bring to the housebound and elderly a quick fix-it for small home repairs. One phone call and a broken pipe, lock or chair is back in

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Family Center


Yad Sarah’s Family Center does important work in the treatment and prevention of violence in the family. Its uniqueness lies in its specialty of catering to families within the religious sector, though it is

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