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he Emergency Alarm Response System at Yad Sarah serves people living alone who may need a place to turn in times of emergency or a sympathetic ear when loneliness overwhelms them. The system allows one to live in the comfort and security of their own home, knowing that help – ambulance, police, family member – is available at the touch of a button. Family members can relax, knowing that their loved ones are never completely alone. Volunteers staff Yad Sarah’s hotline 24/7, alerting emergency services to the needs of our subscribers.

The service is for recuperating patients, older individuals, or disabled persons living alone that are in need of a reliable system for calling for help.

The system serves individuals from all areas of the country.

Contact the Yad Sarah branch nearest your home or

the National Emergency Response Center at *6444

Additional telephone numbers: 02-644-4422/4640

“You’re like my children to me,” 90-year old Upper Nazareth resident Rachel exclaimed emotionally, when emergency call center volunteer Dina Uzan arrived at her home for a pre – Purim visit. 
Shirin Malul, director of the emergency call center team, relates:  “Rachel is a veteran subscriber to the center and all of us here try to provide her with warmth and love. She customarily calls the center several times a day because she knows she will find someone to whom she can spill her heart. Dina, who is devoting a year here to goodwill, decided before Purim to travel to the remote town in order to visit her and bring her mishloach manot(a traditional food package for Purim).”
“Rachel waited for me excitedly outside the house, in the stairway,” recounts Dina. “She could not see me because she is blind in both eyes, but as soon as I approached her she cried out happily, saying, “You are just like my children to me…”  I gave her a box of chocolate formishloach manot and she thanked me enthusiastically, sending her warm blessings to the entire team.”
Shirin expresses only some of her praise for Dina Uzan in her presence: “Dina has a list of subscribers with whom she has bonded in friendship, through the call center. When she decided to visit Rachel in far-away Upper Nazareth, she simply stayed there for Shabbat, in order to devote more time to her visit.”
It seems Dina has also visited 84-year-old Aliyah twice, at Migdal Ha’emek.
“My connection to Aliyah began through the call button,” relates Dina. “Aliyah once fell in her home, and she pressed the emergency call button while she lay helplessly on the floor. I answered the call and spoke to her for a long time, encouraging her, even singing her a cheerful song. Since then we have a close relationship, which as you heard has led to visits to her home far in the north.”
Not simply acts of good will, but as is said, Chesed Shebechesed (double kindness).
Reported by Yad Sarah site correspondent Ram Bahrel.
Translated from Hebrew by Miriam Kopeika.

About The Service

The emergency button, worn on the wrist, activates the system from any room in the house. It activates a voice connection with the control room where a screen flashes vital information about the caller – name, address, medical details, languages spoken, phone numbers of relatives, neighbors who have keys, doctor, nearest first aid station, etc. The system includes a speaker and microphone, which allows the caller to communicate with the duty operator under any circumstances.
The operator has immediate access to police and other emergency services as well as to family members. The operator can call for assistance while maintaining continued contact with callers, helping them remain calm until help arrives. Volunteer operators staff the hotline, and there is no monthly fee for the hotline service.

Our Emergency Alarm Response System is the most advanced available, with the most state of the art components anywhere. We recently introduced a new and groundbreaking system, which incorporates a mobile pendant worn around the neck with a sensor that alerts the system automatically in the case of a fall. The device, constructed from durable materials, with an ergonomic design that is water resistant and lightweight is cutting-edge. All components,approved by the Communications Ministry and the Israel Standards Institute, meet international standards.

Related Services

Subscribers to Yad Sarah’s Emergency Alarm Response System can enjoy related amenities such as special medical insurance that covers emergency ambulance service, consultations with doctors at special rates as well as other medical transportation services. Yad Sarah does not participate in charges related to these services.

For more information about the new system, click here.
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