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Yad Sarah lends its helping hand to the whole world

Over the many years of its existence, Yad Sarah has developed important tools in the struggle to improve the quality of life of people with special needs, tools that have proved invaluable to Israeli society. In recent years, government bodies and private organizations from a variety of countries have sought Yad Sarah’s advice in an attempt to learn from its unique operational model and to adapt it to their own countries.

In 2004, The United Nations recognized Yad Sarah as a Non-Governmental Organization, according it UN observer status. In January, 2005, the UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations officially acknowledged Yad Sarah’s contribution and vast body of knowledge and upgraded Yad Sarah`s status to an advisory body to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This status allows Yad Sarah to participate in General Assembly meetings and UN international conferences, as well as serve as consultants for UN and government bodies. Yad Sarah is the first non-governmental Israeli or Jewish body to receive such a ranking.

Yad Sarah’s model meets head-on the reality of skyrocketing medical costs and hospitalization and is being applied all over the world:

  • ØHealth and welfare professionals and governmental officials from around the world visit Yad Sarah frequently, seeking to learn the secret of its success in Israel.
  • ØYad Sarah has extensive knowledge of how to construct service frameworks, recruit and train volunteers, and identify needs within the community, and is sharing that knowledge with countries around the globe.
  • Ø Yad Sarah is prepared to guide and train community health and welfare professionals, both in and outside of Israel.

Yad Sarah has been approached by various organizations and countries including several former Soviet republics, Chile, Brazil, Cameroon, Mozambique, Kirgizia, Azerbaijan, and others, for help in adapting the Israeli prototype to local needs.

We are proud of our professional reputation around the world and of our ability to use our experience and knowledge to help others.