Tourists with Special Needs

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Yad Sarah for Tourists provides a personalized service for those with special needs, enabling disabled persons to fulfill their dream of visiting Israel. The Tourist Desk will coordinate your arrangements and stay in touch throughout your stay, to ensure your trip is worry-free.

Yad Sarah’s personalized service is available, by prior arrangement with the Tourist Desk, for any tourist with special needs.

The service is available throughout Israel.

For further details, or to arrange transportation or a tour, please call the Tourist Desk at 02-644-4618 or e-mail us at 
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About The Service

Traveling abroad presents special challenges for people with special needs. Yad Sarah for Tourists offers assistance that will ensure an enjoyable and relaxing vacation for the individual with special needs and his family. Once plans are finalized with the Tourist Desk, the visitor can sit back and relax, knowing that all arrangements are in the capable hands of a Yad Sarah representative.

Our services include:

  •       Lending and delivery of medical and rehabilitative equipment to your hotel or residence. 

  • Equipping your hotel room to make your stay more comfortable, including  special  beds, chairs, etc.

  •       Professional attention by caring staff.

  •       Transportation in specially equipped vehicles for people in wheelchairs,  including transfers to and from the  airport and sightseeing.

  • Recommendation of tour guides specializing in guiding tourists with limited  mobility and special needs including advice about tourist sites with easy  access.    


To fill out a form to apply for our VIP service for tourists, click here.

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