International Board of Trustees of Yad Sarah

For the years 2022-2024

Aaron G. Frenkel

Chairman of the International Board of Trustees

Aaron Gover Frenkel, Chairman of the International Board of Trustees of Yad Sarah, is a groundbreaking businessman and international entrepreneur who serves as Vice Chairman of the World Jewish Congress and Chairman of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. He spearheaded a long line of social initiatives that makes a vital contribution to the well-being of the people of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora worldwide. Born in Bnei Brak in 1957, he is the son of the late Rabbi Chaim Yosef and Fruma, his parents, to whose memory he dedicated a unique initiative for an advanced medical center for the prevention of hospitalization - The Frenkel Emergency Medical Center at Yad Sarah. Mr. Frenkel is married to Mrs. Maya Ruth Frenkel, former deputy Minister of Croatia Ministery of Economy and Vice President of the national Oil Company. they has five children. A graduate from the Ponevezh Yeshiva, Mr. Frenkel started his business career as early as the 1980s, in a series of international moves that changed the civil aviation landscape. At the same time, he led the operation helping immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel as the Iron Curtain fell apart. Over the years, the economic power under his leadership had expanded to many other countries , in 2022 he concluded the largest real estate transaction in Israeli real estate history - selling the real estate giant Gav-Yam after achieving an impressive results . Aaron G. Frenkel is an active and full partner in the promotion of a variety of welfare programs, and even established and presides over the "Limmud" international organization of the FSU jews. When the COVID -19 pandemic broke out, he facilitated the establishment of crucially important Yad Sarah projects for the citizens of Israel when he assisted with the organization of an airlift to quickly import tens of thousands of respiratory inpatient units that Yad Sarah lent to COVID patients; this mission saved many lives and prevented serious complications, it was the immediate factor that prevented the collapse of the Israeli hospitals. at the Yad Sarah's 45th year event Gathering , at a national salute event at the Menorah Hall in Tel Aviv, which was attended by 8,000 (eight thousands) of Yad Sarah volunteers from all walks of life in Israel, the guest of honor, Aaron G. Frenkel, Accepted his appointment as The Chairman of the Yad Sarah International Board of Trustees.

Members of the Board of Trustees by alphabetical order

Mr. Salman & Mrs. Samira Abu Rohan

Samira and Salman Abu Rohan are a married couple; they spread Yad Sarah's message of giving in Arabic. Having established the first branch of Yad Sarah in a Druze locality, they assimilated the services of Yad Sarah in the Druze community in particular and among Arabic speakers in general. Born in 1951, Mrs. Samira is the daughter of Lt. Col. Muhammad Qassem, the Israeli hero who fell in the line of duty while penetrating deep into Syrian territory in a vital and dangerous military intelligence operation and whose place of burial is unknown. Mr. Salman was born in 1947; he is a member of the Abu Rohan family, Druze dignitaries who forged the "Brit HaDamim" Covenant between the Druze community and the Jewish people even before the establishment of the state; after the establishment of the Jewish state, they worked towards recognition of the uniqueness of the Druze community. Samira and Salman, both academics, are graduates of the University of Haifa; they have gained recognition for their various activities and are known as social leaders in a variety of fields. Among other things, Salman promoted cooperation with neighboring Arab states for the common preservation of nature and was privileged to light a torch at the main Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzl. Samira works to further the status of women, both Druze and Israelis, in various ways and through multiple channels, and has represented Israel at international conferences. When Samira was awarded the Presidential Medal to mark the 45th anniversary of Yad Sarah, there was a touching family moment when the proud parents met their son, Brigadier General Ala Abu Rohan, who serves as the President's military attaché.

Professor Yisrael Aumann

Prof. Yisrael Aumann, Nobel laureate and one of the most prominent mathematicians in Israel and around the world, is a pioneering scientist whose discoveries guide the global economy and social relations. He has been designated a "Yakir Yerushalayim". Prof Aumann was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1930; from the age of eight, he grew up in New York. He studied at academic institutions in New York and as a gifted mathematician, he went on to MIT University, to study game theory. Although a bright academic future lay ahead of him in New York, he immigrated to Israel during Operation Sinai and settled in Jerusalem, where he raised his five children with Esther, his wife. Esther is the daughter of Dr. Falk Schlesinger, one of the pioneers of medicine in Israel and director of Shaare Zedek Medical Center. After his eldest son Shlomo lost his life in the Lebanon War, he founded the Shlomo Aumann Institute in his memory; the institute deals with Torah research and compares the formulations of the great Talmudic commentators. In 2005, following a long string of awards and honors previously received for his research, he won the Nobel Prize in economics for his important discoveries in the study of game theory.

Prof. Dina Ben Yehuda

Professor Ben Yehuda, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University, Director of the Department of Hematology at Hadassah Hospital, and winner of the Chief of Staff's Award for her work in the Yom Kippur War, serves as a model for medicine and health services in Israel. Professor Dina Ben Yehuda is married to Professor Aryeh Ben Yehuda, Director of the Internal Medicine Division at Hadassah, and mother of three daughters. Professor Ben Yehuda was born in Haifa in 1953. During the Yom Kippur War, she gathered information about the fate of the wounded, killed and missing of the 14th Brigade of the Armored Corps, where she served as an IDF officer. These sensitive activities, which she carried out with extraordinary humanity, formed the infrastructure for the establishment of the IDF casualty unit. For this activity, she received the Chief of Staff Award. Since 1981, Professor Ben Yehuda has been working as a physician in the Department of Hematology at Hadassah. Over the years, she established the research laboratory for the diagnosis of malignant hematological diseases within the department. Since 2002 she has been managing the Department of Hematology in Ein Kerem, and since 2006 she manages the Hematology Division at Hadassah, which includes the Hematology Unit on Mount Scopus, the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation, the Blood Bank and the Center for Neuro-Oncology. In 2017, she was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University.

Mr. Philip Bendheim

Mr. Philip Bendheim is a private investor and consultant to a number of entities in various fields. He established a multinational franchise business and engaged in manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Mr. Philip Bendheim is a second-generation dedicated volunteer in the Yad Sarah family. He coordinates the activities of the Friends of Yad Sarah Associations in the United States and Europe. Mr. Bendheim was born in New York in 1952 to illustrious parents- "Ne'eman Yerushalayim", Mr. Charles z"l and Mrs. Els, "Yekir Yerushalayim"; founder of the Friends of Yad Sarah Association in the United States. Mr. Bendheim attended Manhattan Day School, Yeshiva University, Yeshivat Chafetz Chaim, and New York University. Married in July ‘74 to Donna Hirschfeld. Fulfilling a dream, immigrated to Yerushalayim, where he continues to live together with all his wonderful children and exceptional grandchildren.

Mr. Zeev Bielski

Mr. Bielski, a high-ranking Israeli public figure, served in a number of government positions and successfully led the city of Ra'anana for many years. He established the Yad Sarah Branch in Ra'anana. Mr. Bielski was born in Jerusalem in 1949, managed the Aliyah Department in South Africa, elected mayor of Ra'anana in 1989 and has served five terms since then, receiving unprecedented support for his candidacy from all Ra'anana residents. For decades, Bielski has been considered a symbol and example of the quality of local government in Israel. He has initiated and implemented a number of significant projects in his city, such as 'Ra'anana Park', which is also accessible to people with special needs, and the city's high-tech complex. In 2005, he was unanimously elected head of the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Organization, and throughout his years of leadership, he led to a global awakening for Israel, when, among other things, he worked to change global relations with Israel during the Second Lebanon War. This attitude has led to a global recognition of Israel's right to act against terrorism. Since 2008, he has served as a Member of Knesset, where he promoted a number of particularly significant social laws. He returned to the position of mayor of Ra'anana, when elected by a large majority of its residents. In 2018, due to the acute housing crisis, he was appointed head of the national housing headquarters by the Israeli government. During his tenure as mayor of Ra'anana, he initiated the establishment of the large Yad Sarah service center in Ra'anana, adjacent to the Beit Levinstein Rehabilitation Hospital, which is a major center for Yad Sarah activities and encompasses a Logistics Center servicing Yad Sarah branches in the entire Sharon region.

Judge Shulamit Dotan

Ms. Shulamit Dotan, retired president of the Jerusalem Magistrates' Courts, devotes her energies to peacemaking and conflict resolution while volunteering in various settings. Ms. Dotan was born in Iran in 1952 and immigrated to Israel at the age of five. Ever since her Aliyah, to the present day, a period of more than 60 years, Ms. Dotan has not left Jerusalem! After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she worked as a lawyer, prosecutor and head of the claims unit of the Jerusalem District Police. She was an independent lawyer in her private office, and later served as a judge and president of the Magistrates' Courts in Jerusalem. At the time of her retirement she stood, and still stands, at the head of various and diverse public committees. Judge Dotan serves as president of the Israel Police Appeals Court and also devotes a great deal of time to volunteer activities in various settings.

Mr. Yehoram Gaon

Recipient of the Israel Prize, Mr. Yehoram Gaon is an icon of Israeli culture and a giant of Hebrew music; he has been closely associated with Yad Sarah for decades and performs voluntarily and with great love on its behalf for the volunteers who bridge the Israeli rainbow. Mr. Gaon was born in Jerusalem in 1939, the son of the renowned Jerusalem educator Moshe David Gaon. After performing in the Nahal Brigade entertainment troupe, he was one of the founding members of "HaTarnegolim" (The Roosters). Since then, Yehoram Gaon has gained Israeli admiration across the board, and he is considered Israel's favorite singer. Alongside his musical career, Yehoram Gaon was discovered to be a particularly talented actor. He starred in blockbusters that were worldwide successes, such as 'Casablanca' and 'Operation Entebee', and in many other extremely successful films and TV series. The great love and support of people from all walks of life brought Yehoram Gaon to the Jerusalem City Council where he served as a member of the city administration. At the Jerusalem municipality, he became acquainted with Yad Sarah's founder, Rabbi Uri Lupolianski, and was impressed by Yad Sarah's tremendous activity. Mr. Gaon considers it a privilege to be one of the members of the Planning Committee that approved the construction of the building complex that houses the Yad Sarah National Headquarters in Jerusalem. Over the years, Mr. Gaon has been involved in the success of Yad Sarah. He performed for the volunteers completely voluntarily and gave media appearances to spread the message of Yad Sarah.

CPA Ilan Gifman

Mr. Gifman , who has been at the top of the real estate and investment community in Israel for many years, is an active and dedicated partner in Yad Sarah's activities. His intense support for the entirety of Yad Sarah's services and his push to expand its channels of aid. In addition to being chairman of the Real Estate Forum of the Public Companies Association, CPA Ilan Gipman has managed investment funds and the Aspen Group, recording extraordinary managerial success, boosting the profitability of the companies he manages and providing significant added value to investors. In recent years, Mr. Gipman has accompanied the Chairman of Yad Sarah's International Board of Trustees, Mr. Aaron G. Frenkel, as his trusted advisor in his business dealings in Israel. While the media in Israel and around the world are showing great interest in his economic success, Mr. Gifman works modestly for Israeli society and promotes its well-being through his activities in Yad Sarah.

Mr. Yosef Gitler

Mr. Gitler, founder and Chairman of Leket Israel, recipient of The President's Volunteer Medal, works hard to fulfill his vision - to deliver food to the needy through saving surplus food that would otherwise have been lost. Mr. Gitler, a native of the United States, is a graduate of Yeshiva University and the Faculty of Law at Fordham University. He immigrated to Israel in 2000, and soon discovered that poverty in Israel encompasses many populations that, although not defined as needy, suffer from food insecurity. After 3 years, during which he developed the family-owned software house as an international sales and development manager, he founded Leket Israel; this organization "rescues" surplus food and transfers it to the needy while maintaining its optimal conditions. Joseph Gitler is married to Lilach and they have five children. He is active in numerous organizations that promote welfare and health in Israel.

Mr. Eli Glickman

Mr. Eli Glickman, CEO of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd., has a long & successful track record of recovering large corporations and companies from past difficulties while making them highly profitable; at the same time, the well-being of the community and society in Israel plays an integral part. Mr. Glickman completed his military service in the Navy; after years as an officer and commander, he was appointed commander of Israel's Naval Commando unit "Shayetet 13" and then Israel's naval attaché in Washington. When he became a citizen, Mr. Glickman was named VP of Partner Communications; first as chief of customer service and then as CEO of the company. During his tenure as CEO, Partner made the highest profit. Mr. Glickman was later appointed CEO of the Israel Electric Corporation, and in his four years of managing Israel's energy company, he led an unprecedented revolution, at the conclusion of which the company, which had suffered continuous losses, emerged a profitable entity. Mr. Glickman also brought his proven ability as a brilliant strategic revolutionary to ZIM, Israel's shipping company, initiating a cooperation agreement with the largest shipping companies in the world, leading a successful IPO of the company on the New York Stock Exchange, and positioning ZIM as one of the largest shipping companies in the world. In light of Yad Sarah's appeal, Mr. Glickman was wholeheartedly involved and led a close collaboration of ZIM's subsidiaries to assist in the optimal nationwide deployment of home hospitalization. This partnership later enabled Yad Sarah to deal with successive corona waves and quickly and efficiently provide all parts of the country with the equipment needed to cope at home and without the need for hospitalization.

Mr. Moshe Golbary

Mr. Moshe Golbary, CEO of the Golbari Group, which unites the Golbary fashion chain and the SACARA cosmetics chain, has in recent years become a well-known figure in the field of society and welfare in Israel. With his warm personality and open heart, he promoted significant projects for the community in Israel. Along with his brothers, David and Yaakov, Mr. Moshe Golbary owns the 'Golbary' women's fashion chain, which has 85 branches throughout the country, as well as the SACARA cosmetics chain, which is spread over 54 branches in Israel. With the outbreak of the corona epidemic and the closure of shopping centers, Mr. Golbary took the Israeli fashion industry by surprise when, precisely during the period of uncertainty, he expanded the SACARA chain with the opening of more than ten new branches, in addition to the development of its "Outlet-net", which significantly increased online sales.

Ms. Tali Griffel

Ms. Tali Griffel is the controlling owner of Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd., and owner of one of the largest financial groups in the country; with a warm heart, she harnesses the economic capabilities of the well-being and quality of life of the citizens of Israel and encourages Yad Sarah volunteers who make Yad Sarah's range of services accessible to the Israeli population.

Mr. Yair Hamburger

Mr. Hamburger, Chairman of the Association of Insurance Companies in Israel, stands at the head of one of the largest financial companies in Israel, and in addition, he devotes his time and contributes to the community in a variety of ways. Mr. Hamburger was born in Israel in 1946 and after graduating from the Hebrew University with a degree in economics and political science, he joined the Mishmar family insurance agency. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Hamburger founded Harel Insurance, where he served as CEO for 25 years. Over the years, Hamburger has transformed the company he founded into a huge insurance concern, merging the insurance companies Mishmar, Shluch, Sahar, Zion and Dikla. In addition to serving as president of the insurance company that he founded, and as president of the Association of Insurance Companies in Israel, Mr. Hamburger reserves time to also serve as president of various associations in a wide variety of fields, contributing to the community. Mr. Hamburger is married with five children and 17 grandchildren.

Mr. Moshe Hava

Mr. Moshe Hava, one of the top economists in Israel, has been devoting his talents and energy to assisting the third sector in Israel for years. Mr. Hava was born in Iraq in 1950 to a family of ten; he immigrated to Israel as a baby. Immediately after graduating from the Hebrew University with a bachelor's degree in economics, he was accepted into the Ministry of Finance and a decade later was appointed head of the budget department at the Ministry of Finance. After holding a number of senior positions in the Ministry of Finance, he was appointed chairman of the Ramat Hovav Industrial Council and later chairman of the Bezeq board of directors. As part of his role, he broke into the cellular phone market in Israel when he was also chairman of the Pelephone board of directors. In the next stage, after the Ministry of Communications reform, he was appointed chairman of Bezeq International and turned the company into a profitable market leader. Mr. Hava later served as chairman of other public companies such as the International Bank, the Makefet Fund and more. In addition to his financial duties, Mr. Hava served on the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University and Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Mr. Hava's good name is well known in various social initiatives for Torah and Chesed, including Yad Sarah activities in routine and emergency situations.

Mr. Niv Horesh

Mr. Niv Horesh, winner of the President's Volunteer Award, is an active and dedicated volunteer of Yad Sarah; through the advertising agencies that he owns, he helps Yad Sarah reach all sections of the population in Israel. Mr. Horesh, 47, is married to Meirav and a father of two. Mr. Horesh lives in Tel Aviv. He serves as CEO of the leading advertising agency Reuveni Frieden and of the digital company Arlo. Both advertising agencies are considered leaders in their field. For eight years now, the advertising agencies Reuveni Frieden and Arlo have been guiding Yad Sarah completely voluntarily and with great love. The advertising companies have launched a series of public campaigns for society and the community, including advertisement of the 'fall sensor' in Yad Sarah's distress button that saved the lives of thousands of medical emergency call subscribers. In 2021, on behalf of Reuveni Frieden, Mr. Niv Horesh won the Effie Award for his publicity campaign to encourage the purchase of emergency breathing equipment with the outbreak of the corona epidemic.

Dr. Avigdor Kaplan

Dr. Avigdor Kaplan has been leading public systems for years, on a huge scale and with considerable success, and always prioritizes the person long before the system. Dr. Kaplan is a well-known and highly regarded manager. He served in a variety of management positions in the aerospace industry, headed the Police Personnel Administration, was CEO of the Clalit Health Fund and led its independence from the Histadrut and its transformation from a deficit into a profitable one. Later, Kaplan managed Clal Insurance and simultaneously turned it into the largest insurance company in Israel and a leading insurance group in the world while acquiring insurance groups in the United States and the United Kingdom. At a time when Hadassah Hospital was in a financial crisis, Dr. Kaplan was called in to rehabilitate the hospital. He later moved to the management of the Alon Group and after that, he became the director general of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services. In his role as Director General of the Ministry of Welfare, Dr. Kaplan led a wide-ranging collaboration with Yad Sarah, with tens of thousands of seniors receiving a free distress button and a subsidized connection to the medical emergency center. These fruitful collaborations have saved the lives of many. Thanks to Dr. Kaplan, Yad Sarah volunteers were able to closely monitor the safety and well-being of isolated seniors even during the Corona lockdowns.

Mr. Benzi Kaplan

Mr. Kaplan, a true friend of Yad Sarah, heads one of the most prominent insurance agencies in Israel for many years, and always with an open heart. Mr. Kaplan has been in the insurance business for over a decade. The insurance agency that he owns, Y.K.B. Insurance Agencies, was founded in 1971; he has maintained a personal service ever since, to each client, big and small. For decades now, Mr. Kaplan has closely and with great love accompanied the development and expansion of Yad Sarah. Mr. Kaplan willingly responds to every request from Yad Sarah, and acts in various ways to help promote its activities.

Mr. Ephraim Kriel

Mr. Ephraim Kriel, one of the leaders in the Israeli business world, contributes greatly to the development of the Israeli economy and at the same time dedicates his time to volunteering for society and welfare in Israel. Mr. Kriel, who has an academic background in law and international history, has extensive experience in managing large companies and significant and large-scale investments; he invests in real estate around the world in addition to huge investments in high-tech and health. After many years of proven success in the field of insurance, Mr. Kriel founded the "Direct Personal" insurance company and changed the face of the insurance world in Israel. He later served as an international strategic consultant. In addition to his global activities in investment promotion, Mr. Kriel has been a trustee in various charitable and non-profit organizations and active in the development & advancement of Yad Sarah's goals

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau

The Honorable Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau (may he only know good days, Amen), upholds the banner of the rabbinate by welcoming and bringing hearts closer to the Torah. For many years now, he has faithfully accompanied the activities of Yad Sara. Rabbi Lau, a descendant of a long line of rabbis, was born in Poland in 1937; he survived the horrors of the Holocaust as he and his brother, the late Naftali, were the only ones of their entire extended family to remain in the concentration camps. After the miracle of salvation, the young brothers immigrated to Israel as they gathered strength and fought for their future and the fulfillment of the promise to the Holy Father to continue the rabbinical dynasty. Indeed, from a young age he was recognized as a brilliant and influential rabbi. He was appointed Rabbi of North Tel Aviv, Rabbi of the city of Netanya, Rabbi of the city of Tel Aviv and Chief Rabbi of Israel. Throughout his tenure at the rabbinate, Rabbi Lau is privileged to generate feelings of love towards G-d amongst his flock while extending his right hand to draw them near. As part of this leadership, Rabbi Lau adopted Yad Sarah and its volunteers; in this context, he inaugurated the first Yad Sarah branch in the city of Netanya and later encouraged and congratulated the volunteers. Rabbi Lau is an honorary ambassador of Yad Sarah on public platforms in Israel and around the world.

Professor Jonathan Mann

Prof. Mann is the flesh and blood of Yad Sarah, a family member in the full sense of the word. A dedicated medical and research man, he is determined to spread Yad Sarah's gospel of humane medicine. Professor Jonathan's father, the late Professor Kalman Yaakov, was one of the pioneers of medicine in Israel; for many years, he headed Hadassah Hospital and led the construction of the hospital in Ein Kerem. He was also one of the first doctors to recognize Yad Sarah's contribution to Israeli society. He gave Yad Sarah its first building in Jerusalem and later headed the presidency of Yad Sarah for many years. The son, Professor Jonathan, may he have a good life, proudly continues the legacy of his father. He established generations of dentists within the framework of Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University, where he served as dean of the Faculty of Dentistry as an expert in public health and as one who has led struggles for the promotion of health in Israel, and all the way, as one who has always stood by Yad Sarah; with the establishment of the geriatric dental clinics, the mobile dental clinics, the advanced medical systems for home hospitalization and more. One of the leaders in the health care system in Israel, and an active partner of Yad Sarah for decades.

Mr. J. Ezra Merkin

Mr. J. Ezra Merkin, an American investor and distinguished philanthropist, has been elected to the International Board of Trustees of Yad Sarah in recognition of his longtime support of Yad Sarah. Mr. Merkin is a son of the late philanthropist and businessman Mr. Hermann Merkin and the late Mrs. Ursula Breuer Merkin. Hermann Merkin, among other philanthropic endeavors, founded Fifth Avenue Synagogue in New York. Hermann and Ursula Merkin contributed generously to Yad Sarah and many other charitable institutions in the State of Israel, and Ezra has continued in their path, providing Yad Sarah with financial, logistical, and advisory support. Mr. Merkin, who studied for four years at Yeshivot Kerem B’Yavneh and Har Etzion in Israel, was graduated from Columbia College and Harvard Law School. He has been a dominant figure in the leadership of American Jewry for decades and remains a key figure in economics and business entrepreneurship. He and his wife, the former Lauren Korngold, are the parents of three daughters and one son. In recognition of his significant and ongoing support of Yad Sarah and its activities on behalf of the people of Israel, Mr. Merkin has been elected as a member of Yad Sarah’s International Board of Trustees.

Professor Shlomo Mor Yosef

Prof. Mor Yosef, one of the leaders in health, society and welfare systems in Israel, has proven over decades of public leadership that the largest systems can be managed with brilliant success while carefully safeguarding the well-being of the individual and caring for his needs. Prof. Mor Yosef was born in Jerusalem in 1951 and after years of study and internship, he was elected to serve as the Chief Physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hadassah Ein Kerem. A senior and outstanding physician, Prof. Mor Yosef holds a master's degree in public policy from Harvard University and was appointed deputy director of Hadassah Ein Kerem. After some time, he was requested to manage Soroka Hospital and from there he returned to serve as CEO of Hadassah. In all his positions, Mor Yosef showed extraordinary managerial talent and launched the medical systems in Israel to great achievements. He has changed the Ein Kerem Medical Campus beyond recognition, with construction on an unprecedented scale; this has enhanced the quality of care that Hadassah can provide in its clinics, all of which have been transformed into advanced and well-equipped spaces. After retiring from Hadassah, Prof. Mor Yosef was appointed director general of the National Insurance Institute and later director general of the Population and Immigration Authority. Even in managing these huge systems, Prof. Mor Yosef reveals the same humane abilities alongside groundbreaking leadership. Prof. Mor Yosef, who continues to lead the health care system in Israel, volunteers in various projects for the benefit of society. In all his public and state roles, his door is open to Yad Sarah and he is a loyal and devoted friend to the organization and its goals.

Mr. Chen Noiman

Mr. Chen Neuman, 38, lives in Moshav Neve Mivtach; he is married to Chen and the father of three children. Tzachi and Chen Neuman are the owners and active managers of the "Neuman Brothers" holding group, which conducts extensive business in Israel and around the world in the fields of real estate, technology, energy and minerals. Joining Yad Sarah's International Board of Trustees is a continuation of a life dedicated to giving to others. The "Sparks of Amber" association was established in 2017 in memory of Inbar, the daughter of Tzachi and Ella Neuman, who was stillborn. The purpose of the association is to add goodness and life, to illuminate others in times of darkness and to spread sparks of hope that will intensify into a bright light. The flagship project "Sparks of Silence" currently operates in twelve hospitals in Israel and provides a solution for families who are dealing with stillbirths in Israel in recognition of the transparent mourning in the days following the loss. As part of the guidance package, the couples receive a kit, a book "Shards of Silence" published by the association and initial emotional guidance. At the same time, the association delivers lectures to the medical staff out of a perception of the importance of providing tools and support to professionals who accompany the couple in their most difficult moments. In addition, the Neuman brothers work in collaboration with other organizations in various fields such as distributing food baskets during the holidays with the Rabbi Grossman factories, assisting with "identity" trips to Poland, supporting students and distributing tefillin with the "Touching the Wind" charity and supporting at-risk youth with "My Wave" and "Nirim".

Mr. Tzachi Noiman

Mr. Tzachi Neuman, 44, lives in Moshav Bnaya; he is married to Ella and the father of five children. Tzachi and Chen Neuman are the owners and active managers of the "Neuman Brothers" holding group, which conducts extensive business in Israel and around the world in the fields of real estate, technology, energy and minerals. Joining Yad Sarah's International Board of Trustees is a continuation of a life dedicated to giving to others. The "Sparks of Amber" association was established in 2017 in memory of Inbar, the daughter of Tzachi and Ella Neuman, who was stillborn. The purpose of the association is to add goodness and life, to illuminate others in times of darkness and to spread sparks of hope that will intensify into a bright light. The flagship project "Sparks of Silence" currently operates in twelve hospitals in Israel and provides a solution for families who are dealing with stillbirths in Israel in recognition of the transparent mourning in the days following the loss. As part of the guidance package, the couples receive a kit, a book "Shards of Silence" published by the association and initial emotional guidance. At the same time, the association delivers lectures to the medical staff out of a perception of the importance of providing tools and support to professionals who accompany the couple in their most difficult moments. In addition, the Neuman brothers work in collaboration with other organizations in various fields such as distributing food baskets during the holidays with the Rabbi Grossman factories, assisting with "identity" trips to Poland, supporting students and distributing tefillin with the "Touching the Wind" charity and supporting at-risk youth with "My Wave" and "Nirim".

Adv. Yehuda Raveh

Adv. Yehuda Raveh, one of the top lawyers in Israel and one of the leaders in development investments in the country, is a longtime partner of Yad Sarah, accompaning it in the process of its constant expansion. Adv. Yehuda Raveh was born in Netanya in 1944 and studied law at the Hebrew University and later in New York, where he also practiced law on Wall Street. He married Tamar, the daughter of Adv. Gideon Hausner, whose law firm he purchased and leveraged until it became the leading law firm in Israel in the hotel field. As a lawyer for Global Edges, he liaised with international investors who have built massive civil and government projects in Israel through his firm. Later, Adv. Yehuda Raveh cooperated with Mr. Yair Hamburger to establish the Israel Infrastructure Fund, which establishes and manages national infrastructure projects in the fields of transportation, water and energy. Adv. Yehuda Raveh has a warm heart and is a partner in many non-profit organizations in Israel and around the world. Adv. Yehuda Raveh has accompanied Yad Sarah for many years, when he served as Deputy Chairman of the Yad Sarah Public Council.

Professor Avi Rivkind

Prof. Rivkind, a senior member of the Israeli health system and founder of Trauma Medicine in Israel, is a "Yakir Yerushalayim" and winner of the "Mordechai Hatzaddik Award for Profit and Rescue for the Citizens of Israel and the Jewish People" on behalf of the Hadassah Women. Prof. Rivkind is a descendant of an illustrious family of rabbis descended from the Rebbe of Kotzk; he was born in Rishon Lezion in 1949 and after getting to know the world of medicine closely as an IDF researcher, he decided to dedicate his life to saving lives. After specializing in trauma medicine in the United States, he returned to Israel and established the first trauma department in the country at Hadassah Hospital, through a stubborn struggle against many opponents. The proven success of the department under Prof. Rivkind's management has led to the establishment of trauma medicine departments in other hospitals as well. Prof. Rivkind, who educates generations of physicians in human medicine and is considerate while seeing the patient's needs and creating the appropriate program for his recovery and return to life, volunteers in a long line of projects for society aiding Yad Sarah to achieve its goals for the Israeli health world.

Mr. Moshe Rosenblum

Mr. Moshe Rosenblum is the Israeli "Mr. Mall", a veteran of the mall chain managers; he works resolutely and vigorously to enhance Yad Sarah's activities. Mr. Rosenblum is a member of the Rosenblum family, amongst the major builders and manufacturers of the country; he has been managing the largest mall chains in the country for many years. The huge successes of many commercial areas in Israel are to his credit, as he forges branching partnerships with the major marketing chains in Israel and the world. With a warm heart and great love, Mr. Rosenblum utilizes his proven connections and talents for the benefit of Yad Sarah. He stands alongside Yad Sarah's management, with great advice and assistance, and harnesses his friends and acquaintances for the benefit of Israeli society in expanding the deployment and welfare activities of Yad Sarah.

Mr. Yigal Schreiber

Mr. Schreiber, a prominent, respected economist and manager, is determined to advance the welfare of the masses and the individual and to that end works to create better conditions for future generations. He has closely guided and supported Yad Sarah activities for many years. Mr. Yigal Schreiber has over 35 years of experience in initiating construction and developing projects in the field of construction and infrastructure. He is one of the founders of Ashdar, and even served as the company's CEO for more than a decade. He later served as a board member for the Ashtrom Group and as director of the subsidiaries; later he became the CEO of the Allied Group, which specializes in real estate, automotive, retail, logistics and infrastructure. He is currently a director of the Allied Group and Building Capital to finance residential real estate projects in Israel. Mr. Schreiber is a trustee and CEO of the Aaron Gutwirth Fund for the Advancement of the Health System in Israel. Mr. Yigal will continue to assist Yad Sarah to obtain resources for its activities and its continued expansion for the people of Israel.

Professor Moshe Shoham

Professor Moshe Shoham, an active partner in Yad Sarah since its inception, is a global authority in the field of robotics, and his life's work in medical robotics is dedicated to the development of technologies that improve the medical care of hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.
Professor Shoham is a graduate of aeronautical engineering, has served as an engineer in the aerospace industry, completed a doctorate at the Technion where he has been teaching for the past 30 years, and heads the robotics laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Professor Shoham founded Mazor Robotics, which was recently acquired by Medtronic for $ 1.6 billion, and co-founded Microbot Medical, which is traded on the Nasdaq and develops tiny robots that go into the patient's body. He is also the founder of Tamar Robotics for Neurosurgical Applications and co-founder of Diagnostic Robotics that uses artificial intelligence to dramatically change the care of patients in emergency rooms.
Professor Shoham has accompanied Yad Sarah's development with great love ever since its founding. He is an active partner, providing support and advice, and his joining Yad Sarah's International Board of Trustees is an official seal of his constant activity.

Mr. Oded Turgeman

Mr. Turgeman, a real estate contractor and entrepreneur who opened up new horizons in the field of retail commerce, is an active partner in Yad Sarah where he generously contributes his talents and great energy to help thousands of Israelis enjoy Yad Sarah's health services. Oded, 57, has been married to Miri for 36 years; they have five children, three of whom are married. He is a proud grandfather to 4 granddaughters, and lives in Kibbutz Ein Zvi in Zikhron Ya'akov. The construction company that he owns is responsible for a sizeable and unprecedented construction; most recently, a shopping and recreation center was inaugurated in front of the Beach Village in Hadera, a shopping center that will provide visitors with hours of fun every time they go shopping. Passers-by on the coastal road, to whom the main structure of the mall is visible, can see the huge sign advertising the Yad Sarah branch inside the mall. Mr. Turgeman generously established this branch, the 120th branch of Yad Sarah. He sought, pushed, donated and acted so that the residents of the area would have the opportunity to receive the health services that are so lovingly provided by Yad Sarah. Mr. Turgeman joins the Yad Sarah family to contribute his skills and talents for society in Israel.

Judge Dr. Jacob Turkel

Retired Supreme Court Justice Jacob Turkel is a high-ranking member of the Israeli justice system; it is said that throughout his extensive judicial and public career, he never forgot his difficult childhood, and he has a reputation for opening his heart to anyone who needs compassion. Judge Turkel was born in Tel Aviv in 1935 to a particularly privileged family, the grandson of the author of the 'Kochav miYaakov responsa'. He graduated in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and after gaining experience in the legal arena, he was appointed justice of the peace in Be'er Sheva. From there, he skyrocketed into the justice system like a meteor. In just 6 years he was transferred to the district court and after another 7 years, when he was only 45, he had already served as an acting judge in the Supreme Court. After returning to serve as president of the Beersheba District Court, he was permanently appointed Chief Justice. Following his retirement from the judiciary, he was appointed the first chairman of the Committee for the Appointment of Senior Officials in the Public Service. Even after his retirement, Judge Turkel continues to hold prestigious public positions, which he fills with unique splendor. Familiar with Yad Sara's activities, Judge Turkel joins Yad Sarah's International Board of Trustees.

Mr. Eran Wolf

Mr. Eran Wolf, one of the key figures in the Israeli economy, leads an innovative model of a spirited economy. For many years, Mr. Wolf has been lovingly and closely involved with the activities of Yad Sarah, with its success, promotion and development. Mr. Wolf is 60 years old, married with 4 kids and lives in Herzliya. After graduating with a master's degree in economics from Tel Aviv University, he served in a number of senior management positions; he was VP at Ashdar, CEO at Rapid Vision and VP of Marketing at Bituach Yashir (Direct Insurance). When the Bituach Yashir direct insurance company turned to the establishment of its subsidiary company Mimun Yashir (Direct Financing), Mr. Eran Wolf was appointed CEO of the company and he set up the company from day one until today, managing customer portfolios worth about NIS 9 billion. Mr. Wolf lectures on business strategy and is a brilliant chess player. In his lectures, he often compares tactics and strategies in the game to conduct and success in the business world. He harnesses all of these with his talents to fulfill the goals of Yad Sarah. He even recruits Mimun Yashir employees who enlist and volunteer at Yad Sarah branches and provide their talents to promote the service to every applicant.

Adv. Menachem Yisrael

Menachem Yisrael is a lawyer and a senior member of the investment industry in Israel and a member of Yad Sarah's International Board of Trustees; he aims to expand the assistance system for all applicants. Adv. Menachem Milton Jezreel holds an LLB degree from Bar Ilan University and was admitted to the Israel Bar Association in 1995. He heads a family law firm that oversees family investments in the United States and Israel in a variety of sectors, including venture capital funds, the capital market and the real estate market. Adv. Menachem Yisrael is the founder and partner of the Hadas Arazim and Hellman Aldubi investment houses. Menachem and his family constitute an important tier in the activity and development of Yad Sarah.