Travel Service for Tourists with Limited Mobility

A personalized service for tourists from abroad with limited mobility who wish to visit Israel. Volunteers provide visitors with options for touring throughout the country and make it possible for them to visit family living in Israel. As part of the service, volunteers can assist the visitor with a timetable for each day of their stay in the country and provide a tour guide that is experienced in touring with people with special needs. The volunteers locate accessible sites and places worth visiting and prepare customized routes that are appropriate for travelers and their families.

  • A specific contact person at Yad Sarah will accompany tourists throughout their stay in Israel.
  • There is a minimal charge for expenses


מוגבלי תנועה אשר אין להם אפשרות לטייל באופן עצמאי


איש קשר של יד שרה ילווה אישית את התייר וייתן מענה לצרכיו במהלך שהותו בישראל.


השירות פעיל בכל השנה, בכל הארץ, לכל דורש

חשוב לדעת

השירות ניתן עם כל הלב, וכרוך בעלות סמלית

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