The Family Center

The Family Center provides professional therapy to all members of a family that has experienced trauma due to violence in the home.

The Center focuses on improving the dysfunctional dynamic of a couple dealing with family violence – thus reducing the violent incidents –  and gives them tools for dealing with this complex situation.

The Center operates with great sensitivity for the cultural nuances of the diverse population groups in Israel.

The Center’s activities include:

  • Individual therapy – women, men, children
  • Group therapy – women, men, children
  • Community activities – to increase awareness of the problem through seminars, lectures, etc.
  • Training of volunteers – to assist in the support of those who turn to the Center



אנשים החווים אלימות במשפחה או חוששים לכך


Sun-Thu: 8:00-16:00

חשוב לדעת

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