Recovery Hotel


After Medical treatment and prolonged hospitalization in the hospital, just before the transition to an arduous rehabilitation period, Yad Sarah offers the luxurious recovery hotel in Jerusalem.

The hotel has 220 suites and accommodation units that are equipped and especially luxurious. Thinking about the guest is evident in every detail: the generous size of each room. The coffee buffet and the personal bar. The unique lifting chair. The spacious and comfortable shower rooms. The huge plasma screens, and the pampering luxury beds. And even the textiles that were carefully chosen to make rest in the hotel pleasant.

Hotel guests enjoy chef cuisine at an international level. Magnificent hospitality lounges and luxurious service.

On the roof floor of the hotel, in front of a breathtaking panoramic view of the Jerusalem mountains from here and the exciting sights of the capital from here, guests enjoy a perfect health center. A huge pool that includes a hydrotherapy system. A well-equipped and up-to-date gym. Turkish bath, sauna and various spa rooms.

In the hotel there is a magnificent synagogue which preserves the memory of the communities that were destroyed.

wik-work floor with offices, workspaces and meetings. A variety of services for guests and businesses, and more. Besides the inviting lobby on the entry floor, there are luxurious lobby spaces facing the view on each floor. Everything to enable hosting at the highest level.

The entire hotel, all its facilities and accessories are fully accessible!

Recovery after medical treatment are invited to the hotel for a relaxing vacation before the home rehabilitation period. At the hotel, the convalescents will enjoy a full para-medical service through a qualified nurse, tailored personal nutrition services, full equipment of the room according to needs and more. The hotel operates a ground-breaking community day-rehabilitation center that gives convalescents the quick possibility to return to life. You can continue to come to the rehabilitation center even after your stay at the hotel.

For orders and inquiries: 02-6444555