Transportation for people in wheelchairs

The transportation service for people with disabilities is one of the oldest services provided by Yad Sarah.

Forty-five years ago, Rav Uri Lupolianski recognized the disparity in transportation services to patients who were housebound and introduced – a worldwide first! – the attachment of a wheelchair lift to a vehicle and the secure attachment of the wheelchair to the floor of the van, providing safe and dependable transportation for people in wheelchairs.

The volunteers in this division, including service people, drivers, receptionists, coordinators, security officers, and others are determined to help people with disabilities find freedom outside their homes. These unique vans may be used for any purpose: Medical treatments or family events, a night on the town, or a quick trip to the seaside.

As with all services provided by Yad Sarah, every passenger is treated with patience, understanding, and a heart full of love.

YadSaraVans are available 24 hours a day in all parts of the country at a minimal cost, and must be arranged for in advance.

Who is eligible?

People with physical disabilities


Throughout the country; 24 hours a day

Important to know

Pre-registration required; there is a fee for the service.

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